Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Horses are scared of two things: things that move, and things that don't."

Good thing I am smarter than that!  But hey I think it is hilarious that they had to close down a racetrack just because the Kangeroo's invaded!

One race goer told Horse and Hound, "They'd chase the kangaroos up one way and then they'd just bounce back the other way. It was like watching a comedy."

Go Kangeroos Go!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What are they so Afraid of? Secret Gather of the Mustangs

@#$%^&* Yes! I am cussing!!

@#$%^&*&^% and you may see a few more words that my sweet momma would wash out my mouth with soap with.

What in tarnation do those idiots think they are doing??

Secret Gathers?!
Buzzing Reporters with Helicopters???
Refusing Access and using your own police force to do this?
Lying and saying there are no injured horses while we watch and see a precious sweet little foal hobbling in obvious pain and distress!


I am sorry I just can't help it!!!! I am so goll darn mad!!! And when I get really, really angry, and really, really mad I ........ cry. Me the big, bad, cantankerous, okay little, purple pony. I am sad and mad and feeling helpless!!!! They don't follow the law, they don't follow their own rules and they certainly do not follow any sense of decency.

Dang blast it!!!

There is a reason we need the public watching what is going on.

These horses on public lands belong to the PUBLIC!!!

If you are American they belong to each and every one of you. But while law makers and the American public had their eyes concentrated on the much contested Silver King round up in Nevada the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) along with helicopter contractor David Cattoor where conducting an unpublished and unannounced secret wild horse gather at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (Sheldon).

See more here:
Feds and Contrator Caught

Please watch the video below. This is not okay. These are your horses. The only way they can be protected is if we are there to watch.

Thanks Beth for the heads up.

This is how we can really make a difference. Because today, with the internet, we can keep each other in the know. Do what Beth did for the Purple Pony, pass this on. Help keep the limelight centered on these hooligans and show them for who they really are, and help protect the horses. The more people you pass this on to, the more horses you will be helping.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mustangs - Lest We Forget

It was wonderful to hear that finally the BLM had agreed to transfer the mustangs in holding to Support Madeleine Pickens’ Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary. This is wonderful, amazing news.

But lest we forget. Let us not forget that my brothers and sisters out on the range are still being steadily eradicated and chased off the lands that by law they are supposed to be able to live on. The are still systematically being removed from the land. The land that the lawmakers and the public has said they are to be on. Not only are they being removed, they are being removed in such a way that now the BLM doesn't allow anyone to photograph or film what they are doing to the horses, in these roundups.

The following video is heart-wrenching. A young foal chased to the point that he is literally run right off his hooves.

Please watch. Please share. Please don't forget that this is still happening.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Blog and Fake Emails

Now normally I don't like to promote other blogs. I mean it would be pretty dang silly to promote the competition!! That would be craziness!

But, having said that, I can't help myself. I mean number one - they actually have published an article or two of mine. (Shhh! Don't tell but I would like to bribe them into doing the same again soon.)

And two, I can already see after only three posts how special this blog is going to be. And different! And might even be a little help once in awhile for the riders.

Imagine excerpts right out of their regular articles from amazing horsemen from all around the world. No word yet on whether or not they are going to publish something from a little purple pony. (big hint to the editors of Horses For LIFE)

Makes me wonder if it isn't time to hang up the old typewriter. What can a little purple pony add that Horses For LIFE blog can't?

I know. Attitude!!! (purple pony chuckle)

Remember my telling you about my impersonator on UDBB. Well they continue to be busy and trying to confuse the old purple pony. They sent me two notes, trying to say that the video of Ictenos, that we showed in a previous post, was actually a horse called XXXXXXXX that is currently living well and showing in California.

Well this sounded strange to me as I knew the person who originally made the video. But, hey - even little purple ponies get things wrong sometimes. They included address and emails. It certainly looked real enough, especially when I got the second email from a second person.

So I wrote to the person and said hey what is going on, did you humans change the horses name or something - and I got back an email saying it wasn't them and they didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

It turns out they were trying to trick the old purple pony!!! @#$%^&*

I only bring this up as it seems to be getting stranger and stranger out there, so be careful what information you take up. Someone might be trying to trick you too!

Obviously this is coming from someone that wants you to think that rollkur is okay. They were telling me that the horse was doing well, showing, doing good, and sound as a dollar! All lies!!!!!!

Oh hey I nearly forgot, the new blog is

Check it out.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

FEI Forgets Who the Althletes ARE!

This from the FEI as one more time they show they forget who the real athletes are. The Horses!!!

Note only one horse.... in the following list...

9 Sep 2010

FEI photo exhibition showcases inspirational equestrian figures The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the governing body of horse sport, is to unveil an innovative photographic celebration of equestrianism entitled Inspire at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ in Kentucky, USA.
Inspire brings together 16 images of inspirational equestrian legends and young talents who represent all the equestrian disciplines on the programme of the FEI’s four-yearly flagship event. Athletes from Jumping, Dressage, Para-Equestrian Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Endurance, Vaulting and Reining are shown in surprising and eloquent contexts, many of which incorporate subtle or playful references to their disciplines. Most of the images unite two people in rural or urban backdrops and highlight the bond of admiration and inspiration between them.

The origins of the athletes are diverse and serve as a reminder of the geographical spread of the 133 National Federations affiliated to the FEI.
Commenting on Inspire, FEI Secretary General Alex McLin said: “We are thrilled and grateful that Alltech is hosting the FEI’s innovative exhibition, which is part of our continued commitment to encouraging and inspiring riders around the world in every discipline. This contemporary exhibition highlights the love, respect, passion and diversity that are inherent to our sport.”

Featured in the exhibition are:
- HRH The Princess Royal and Zara Phillips (GBR, Eventing)
- Jessica Springsteen and Beezie Madden (USA, Jumping)
- Rodrigo and Nelson Pessoa (BRA, Jumping)
- Laurentia Tan (SIN, Para-Equestrian Dressage)
- Hussain Al Marzooqi and Ali Mohammed Al Marzooqi (UAE, Endurance)
- European Junior Reining Champions (ITA)
- Natalia Berezhnaya (RUS, Dressage)
- Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum with her baby Brianne Victoria (GER, Jumping)
- Darlene Milord (HAI, Para-Equestrian Dressage)
- Kai Vorberg with his mentor Reinhold Strang (GER, Vaulting)
- Totilas (NED, Dressage)
- Ijsbrand and Bram Chardon (NED, Driving)
- Alex Hua Tian (CHN and NZL, Eventing)
- Enos Mafokate and grandson Karabo, Soweto Riding School (RSA, Jumping, Dressage and Vaulting)
- HRH Princess Haya (FEI President)
- Alltech president Dr Pearse Lyons and his wife Deirdre

Provocative, contemporary and striking, the photographs aim to prompt discussion and interpretation and leave no viewer indifferent. They will be on show at the Alltech Experience Pavilion in the Kentucky Horse Park – venue of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ – from 25 September to 10 October.

One more time that the FEI shows they don't value us the horses. And it is only about the egos of the people involved.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello UDBB! Or Impersonating Purple Ponies

I am just tickled pink! Which is pretty tickled - considering I am actually purple!!!

This is just too funny! Did you hear?

I have been impersonated!!! Yes ME!!!! Really!!! Isn't that hilarious.

It appears someone thinks moi, little old me, a fat, cranky, sassy, old purple pony is worth impersonating! Who would have thunk?

It turns out someone went on UDBB and pretended they were me. Writing as the PurplePonySpeaksOut. The UDBB is the Ultimate Dressage Discussion Board, wait wouldn't that be UDDB? I am sure it is UDBB, well whatever, big high five or high one with a hoof, to all of you!

And just to clear things up, nope it isn't/wasn't me. As if. Have you ever heard me claiming I have trained thirty-two grand prix horses? Not. My only claim to fame is being purple!!! And ponies don't ride other horses. Mind you, in my younger days, I could have shown those grand prix horses a thing or two on how to move smooth.

I do wonder if it is my secret admirer. I have this sescret admirer, whom I assume is a person, whose name we will not name, and no it is not Voldemort, who keeps writing to me. Been writing to me for months and months, saying some not so nice things, in very bad language. Language that any mare would wash your mouth with soap for! This nameless person even wrote while I was gone on summer vacation. I think stalker is the word that comes to mind. Well actually the nameless one is kind of fun and I miss it when I don't hear from it. Can't say him or her cause who knows?

But just wanted to clear this up for all you UDBB people. Nope not me. De nada. Nein. Nyet. Not so.

But if you want me to train thirty-two horses to Grand Prix, like my impersonator claimed, I am willing to give it a go!

And if you have any ideas why anyone would care what little old me, a little purple pony with a coarse brush for a tail, and a cranky attitude has to say, to put this much time and effort into sending mean, hurtful emails or impersonating me on other discussion boards, I would love to hear what you think!

And maybe if you see me talking elsewhere check back in and see if it was really me.

I am tickled pink. Really! Who would have thought anyone would have cared that much what an old purple pony had to say!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dressage Queen

This is just absolutely hilarious!!! Just because it is so true!!!

Thanks DressageForTheRestofUs for this hilarious video! And yes please do include us in the blogs that you mention. Mention us anytime. :)

And hi Jo, we missed you guys too. But this was good for this little Purple Pony. I needed that break. It is so hard. Like yesterday watching that poor, poor horse in the video. I get so, so angry!!! And it takes a lot out of a little pony.

Just click below to start the video.

Would love to hear what you think. And have you seen the same thing happening in your part of the country?