Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Vacation is Over

Hi Everyone!

Just got back from summer vacation! Yummy!!!

There was lots of green grass, short grass which was oh so sweet, and long grass that was quite filling. There was light green grass that had such a delicate flavour, and dark green grass that ripped off in big chunks. Morning grass with dew and evening grass by sunset. Oh dear, an absolutely delightful summer vacation. Nothing can make a pony happier than eating my way through the entire summer!!

Other than whisking away those pesky flies and mosquitoes with this bush of a tail, which is somewhat frustrating let me tell you.

I want to say hi, to a new reader! Hi to DressageForTheRestofUs. Love, love the name by the way. That is just too perfect. I wish I could have come up with that! It is always nice to make new friends. :) So glad you like what I have to say. I went to your blog and I like what I am reading, you are funny! I don't want to copy/paste anything without permission, but hey guys, if you haven't gone to read this blog yet, you might want to do so!

Hey DressageForTheRestOfUs, I just think it is hilarious someone thinks you are me!

I mean are you purple?

Excuse me for asking but you're a human right? No offence meant, honest! There are a few humans that are okay. But from what I read you're not a sassy fun little purple pony like me. Mind you how many purple ponies do you know?

But I have to admit there is whole lot more of me to be sassy after all that green grass!!

Which it turns out from what I am reading a darn good thing! Did you hear about Eurodressage and Anky? Gosh you people like those things you call lawyers. It seems Anky does not want to be associated with the term rollkur. Yup you heard me right. It is a little confusing is it not?

Well you know what I wouldn't either.

Strangely though if I don't want to be associated with something, or someone. I don't a) buy it, b) do it, c) get caught doing it, d) make money doing it or e) eat it!!! And I eat just about anything!!

So rather than hiring one of those strange lawyer things, maybe, just maybe if you get caught doing something that you just rather wouldn't want anyone to know that you do, maybe stop doing it!

But hey maybe things are just a little easier in the world of purple ponies.


  1. I've missed you, Purple Pony!

  2. Hiyas Purple Pony:

    No, I am not a purple pony, but I've decided to assume the name Fuscia Fresian as an alias.

    Good to have you back. I have a collection of hysterical communications from an admirer of yours.... eh.... ours. I have a little surprise for them : )

    Please feel free to use anything from my website whenever you wish. And, if it's okay, I'll add you to my blogroll as soon as I get back into the intestines of my website.

    I think you've done a wonderful job. Are you on the human web thing called Facebook? If so, please friend me under Dressage Fortherestofus. This also applies to your fans iffn they want to.