Monday, August 30, 2010

Without Force

Do we truly believe that this is without force?

This is Sjef Janssen.

Watch this horse, he is given absolutely no choice. How is he to fight back. He is told to give up or else. Between his nose pinched and tied shut with a crank noseband and his head and neck tied to his own chest, he is absolutely helpless.

This method takes advantage of the fact that we horses have no muscular strength in the top few vertebrae. Destroy what litte we have by forcing us to ride like this and yes you can then do it afterwards in the warm-up ring without force. Because we then have nothing left to fight with.

This incredibly talented horse never did go on in competition. I always did wonder what happened to him. One of those that never made it. Something that people seem to forget, they only seem to remember the winners.


  1. All that hardware. Is that the only way top dressage riders can ride? If so, they should be ashamed of themselves. This is not horsemanship. This is cruelty to horses and I'm surprised the horse welfare groups have not been extremely active in changing attitudes by bringing punitive action.

  2. some things, people, convoluted logic defy common sense - to me it is simple, a horseman, anyone who aspires to that title, is one who has the willing cooperation of their partner, their horse. therefore, strapping a horse's mouth shut is abusive, curb bits with chains, spurs are NOT communicaiton "tools" - they are abusive; ANYTIME ANYONE sees a horse's face behind the simply abusive. some "experts" speak with a forked Hitler.