Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello UDBB! Or Impersonating Purple Ponies

I am just tickled pink! Which is pretty tickled - considering I am actually purple!!!

This is just too funny! Did you hear?

I have been impersonated!!! Yes ME!!!! Really!!! Isn't that hilarious.

It appears someone thinks moi, little old me, a fat, cranky, sassy, old purple pony is worth impersonating! Who would have thunk?

It turns out someone went on UDBB and pretended they were me. Writing as the PurplePonySpeaksOut. The UDBB is the Ultimate Dressage Discussion Board, wait wouldn't that be UDDB? I am sure it is UDBB, well whatever, big high five or high one with a hoof, to all of you!

And just to clear things up, nope it isn't/wasn't me. As if. Have you ever heard me claiming I have trained thirty-two grand prix horses? Not. My only claim to fame is being purple!!! And ponies don't ride other horses. Mind you, in my younger days, I could have shown those grand prix horses a thing or two on how to move smooth.

I do wonder if it is my secret admirer. I have this sescret admirer, whom I assume is a person, whose name we will not name, and no it is not Voldemort, who keeps writing to me. Been writing to me for months and months, saying some not so nice things, in very bad language. Language that any mare would wash your mouth with soap for! This nameless person even wrote while I was gone on summer vacation. I think stalker is the word that comes to mind. Well actually the nameless one is kind of fun and I miss it when I don't hear from it. Can't say him or her cause who knows?

But just wanted to clear this up for all you UDBB people. Nope not me. De nada. Nein. Nyet. Not so.

But if you want me to train thirty-two horses to Grand Prix, like my impersonator claimed, I am willing to give it a go!

And if you have any ideas why anyone would care what little old me, a little purple pony with a coarse brush for a tail, and a cranky attitude has to say, to put this much time and effort into sending mean, hurtful emails or impersonating me on other discussion boards, I would love to hear what you think!

And maybe if you see me talking elsewhere check back in and see if it was really me.

I am tickled pink. Really! Who would have thought anyone would have cared that much what an old purple pony had to say!


  1. They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  2. Very flattering I would have thought! Jenny Pearce

  3. It would seem we had the same stalker as someone impersonated me too on the UDBB. As for my own blog, on any given day I could get 9 comments saying all sorts of nasty things about me, those trainers I believe are worthy, or other commenters on my blog. Comments which weren't nice at all. But once school began the comments ended. Now maybe it was because I blocked all the IP addresses. I don't know but it is interesting that on the VERY day school started, they stopped. It's been three days and I'm feeling kind of lonely. Plus they were keeping me informed of all the people who supposedly hate me, so they were actually doing me a favor. Where oh where are you my young female stalker?

    Well you and I shall just continue doing our thing, dear sweet Purple Pony. You'll write of your pony tales and I'll write about my journey as an amateur dressage rider.

    It's obvious that someone thinks what we write is d a n g e r o u s, which is funny because we just write of what we've learned and what we see.

    Scandelous I tell you!! See and this is why some countries ban freedom of speech, because someone, somewhere, might say something the "establishment" doesn't want to hear.

  4. maybe you should add a secret purple hoofprint to your real stuff? you'd have to ask a child how to do that, and I know that as a pony you are allergic to children so maybe do nothing but have a good laugh!