Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mustangs - Lest We Forget

It was wonderful to hear that finally the BLM had agreed to transfer the mustangs in holding to Support Madeleine Pickens’ Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary. This is wonderful, amazing news.

But lest we forget. Let us not forget that my brothers and sisters out on the range are still being steadily eradicated and chased off the lands that by law they are supposed to be able to live on. The are still systematically being removed from the land. The land that the lawmakers and the public has said they are to be on. Not only are they being removed, they are being removed in such a way that now the BLM doesn't allow anyone to photograph or film what they are doing to the horses, in these roundups.

The following video is heart-wrenching. A young foal chased to the point that he is literally run right off his hooves.

Please watch. Please share. Please don't forget that this is still happening.


  1. Please don't confuse the BLM mustangs which are mixed breed horses with the Spanish Mustangs which are a recognised breed including in Europe with UELN numbers assigned and eligible for the French government registry, the Haras Nationaux.
    Criteria required for registration to the SMR and the AHHA including DNA testing.

  2. Regarding who is "real" mustang and who isn't: WHO CARES? Real horse people don't want any horses to suffer. And knowledge of the politics of the American west would tell you that special interest ranchers and energy companies are the ones pushing for horse removal. The BLM leases out grazing rights for far too many cattle for far too low a fee - it costs more than it brings in. And many of these "family ranches" are really rhinestone ranches owned by the uber rich and large corporations. Let's not forget pipelines and mineral rights. I want my taxes to support wildlife (including horses of any background who happen to be wandering around) not special interests.

  3. We have to keep the plight of the mustangs in the news, make it go viral around the world. And they're no alone in their plight; there will be a cull of Brumbies next month in Australia. I've read harrowing descriptions of the last cull. This should not be happening in a civilized world, but then it would appear we haven't been living in a civilized world. Anyway, this latest news is a step in the right direction, PP. Could it be that people are at last beginning to develop a conscience? Well, we can always hope!

  4. I might be tempted to be encouraged, but as the cliche goes "three steps forward, two steps back" - were you aware of this?

    Feds and Contractor Caught Conducting Covert Wild Horse Stampede


  5. A stay of execution for Wild Douglas horse - Breaking News: Advocate’s Wild Horse Suits Make BLM Flinch -

    Link: http://rtfitch.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/breaking-news-advocates-wild-horse-suits-make-blm-flinch/

    Read the comments - looking like Salazar may be heading out - time to think about a pro wild horse, burro replacement - better yet, one who respects the law and the public served.
    Beth and Cookie,
    in Virginia