Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Horses are scared of two things: things that move, and things that don't."

Good thing I am smarter than that!  But hey I think it is hilarious that they had to close down a racetrack just because the Kangeroo's invaded!

One race goer told Horse and Hound, "They'd chase the kangaroos up one way and then they'd just bounce back the other way. It was like watching a comedy."

Go Kangeroos Go!


  1. Hi PP,
    Long time no hear, where have you been?!
    Hilarious clip. But remember, 'roos can kick even harder than a horse, so keeping well clear of them is a good strategy.

  2. Every racetrack closure, no matter how brief, has the capacity to save horses from the catastrophic injuries incurred in racing. Bravo to the roos!